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العربية بين يديك

InshaaAllah please see the subpage for the Books.

Arabic Between Your Hands العربية بين يديك


The project aims at the propagation of the Arabic language and supporting its institutions by utilizing all possible scientific and technical means. To achieve this, we designed and developed a comprehensive program in teaching Arabic to the speakers of other languages. This program starts from zero level and ends when students nearly master the language to an extent that enables them to continue their studies in universities where Arabic is the medium language of study. Arabic at Your Hands is the latest curriculum in teaching non-native speakers of Arabic. The series has a modern approach using the latest methods from the science of linguistics as the foundation of the curriculum. It begins from the basic level (with real beginners) and ends with the students to nearly master the language to the degree that enables them to continue their studies in universities entirely in Arabic.
Main programs of the project:

  1. Compiling an integrative curriculum.
  2. Designing a site at the internet.
  3. Production of compact discs.
  4. Production of T-V instructional programs.
  5. Production of radio broadcasting programs.
  6. Running highly specialized teacher training courses.

Characteristics of the series

  1. Systematic organization of the structure of the units
  2. Sound and phonetic features have been treated in a variety of ways and some of which are totally new.
  3. The structure of the book suites the intended level.
  4. Each textbook comes with an audio CD.
  5. The series was uniquely produced.
  6. The series focuses and address both genders (male and female)
  7. The integration between skill and elements
  8. Concern of the Arabic alphabet sound system with both distinctions (recognition) and production levels
  9. The material is skillfully presented
  10. A variety of texts are selected: dialogue, topics, stories etc…
  11. The functional aspect was utilized when presenting grammar structures
  12. A focus on oral skills in the basic level
  13. The is great balance between language elements and skills
  14. An array of drills and exercise are used
  15. The unit system has been used in the presentation of materials
  16. The number of words and grammar structures in each unit are highly controlled
  17. New words are presented in full context
  18. Word glossary and expressions are listed in the index of each book
  19. Attention has been made to the word lists that are common in the Arab world
  20. Benefit has been made of common grammar structures lists
  21. Cultural concepts have been presented in interesting ways
  22. Illustration has been used overwhelmingly especially in the first book 1

Object of the series The series aims at achieving the following competencies

  1. The Four Language Skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing (mechanical and creative)
  2. The Three Language Element: Sounds (various phonetic features), Vocabulary (contextual and idiomatic expressions), Grammar structure (a suitable dose of grammatical and morphological rules).
  3. Communicative Competency
  4. Cultural Competency
  5. Only Arabic: Modern Standard Arabic or (Fus’haa) is used, No dialect is used and there is no other medium language.

Generality of the Arabic series:

  1. It is a Dawah’ and educational project that has no aim of worldly profits.
  2. The latest series in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers.
  3. The series is composed of three volumes, each containing: the student book, the teacher book and eight recorded tapes.
  4. The series is accompanied by an Arabic-Arabic illustrated dictionary that contains more than 6,000 entries.
  5. The standard modern Arabic is used.
  6. The series aims at teaching the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing, with special focus on sounds, sound features, and grammatical structures.
  7. The series also aims at facilitating the learning of the Arabic language.
  8. The series has been adopted by more than 12 universities and institutions all over the world.

Components of the Series

  1. The basic level: Textbook + Teacher’s Book
  2. Intermediate level: Textbook + Teacher’s Book
  3. Advanced level: Textbook + Teacher’s Book
  4. Arabic – Arabic Illustrated Dictionary
  5. Mp3 Audio CDs for each level

Levels of the Series

  1. Basic Level
  2. Intermediate Level
  3. Advanced Leve


1. Hasan Bisri - November 11, 2010

أنا أحب هذه الشبكة شديدة

sultanahmad - January 17, 2014


2. masrur - May 22, 2011

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
كيف حالكم يا شباب الإسلام ؟؟؟
أتمنى لو واحد منكم يعرف كيف أحصل على الكتاب العربية بين يديك للمعلم مجانا , يعني فى أي موقع لأنني فى حاجة على هذا الكتاب. و شكرا جزيلا

اختكم فى الله

thuriayaa - June 28, 2011

وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته
لا أعرف أختي – آسف

moin uddin - July 25, 2017

in need this books series, plese

3. Atiqullah Moneeb - November 29, 2011

اختی العزیزة انا ايضا بحاجة الي هذه الکتب لو حصلت علیها ساعدنی ولو حصلت علیه انا اساعدک انشاءالله
اخوکم فی الله

thuriayaa - December 1, 2011

أنا آسفة جدا يا أخي – ما عرفت عن هذه المشكلة
أعطيتكم الروابط لتحميل الكتب.
أرجو هذا يساعدكم إن شاء الله لحصول الكتب

gazi - March 1, 2012

i cant see the rawabit that you gave for the teacher book thanks

thuriayaa - March 3, 2012

i did not share any links for teachers books in fact, i have not even found those sorry.

4. Andreas Said - February 2, 2012

Where can I get the books Cheap from Germany or Europe?

thuriayaa - February 2, 2012

I do not know. i am not from Europe.

5. yasser - September 4, 2012

هذا هو رابط الكتب الثلاثة والسمعيات ايضا والله الموفق والمستعان

6. Akhmad Dairoby Al-Banjary - October 9, 2012

جزاكم الله خير الجزاء على خدمتكم للإسلام والمسلمين وأتمنى أن الله تعالى يتضاعف في الأجر والثواب —أخوكم في الإسلام أحمد ديرابي البنجري -إندونيسيا

7. matiullah - January 16, 2013

السلام عليكم يا أخت العزيزة نحن في حاجة ماسة الي كتب كتب المعلمين فلو انكم ترغبون الثواب شاركنا في هذه

thuriayaa - January 16, 2013

وعليكم السلام يا أخي الكريم، لكن المشكلة أنا لا أعرف كتابا للمعلمين… إذا عرفت أو وجدت واحدا شاركت معكم طبعا…

إن شاء الله سأبحث مرة أخرى

8. ridho sahad - February 9, 2013

بسم الله
اخي العزيز، اينا وضعت المعجم العربية بين يديك؟
جزاك الله خيرا

thuriayaa - February 9, 2013

بسم الله،
ما عند ذاك الكتاب أخي.
و أياك

9. سين - February 19, 2014

للأسف توجد طبعة جديدة تغيرت كثيرا عن هذه الطبعة.

10. abdurahim - July 22, 2014

asalamo alikom brothers and sisters this is very gooood

11. Abu Sufyan - August 20, 2014

السلام عليكم يا إخواني . أنا معلم اللغة العربية في أحد المعاهد في إندونسييا وأنا بحاجة ماسة على كتاب العربية بين يديك للمعلم، يمكنكم أن تساعدوني على تحميل تلك الكتب. جزاكم الله خيرا

12. noor - September 13, 2014

aslm wrwb dear friend .. jazakAllah khairan for putting at our disposal so many useful books and links .. may Allah reward you inthe best possible way .. ameen

13. عمران صارم - October 17, 2014

السلام عليكم ، أخواني وأخواتي في الله من يريد تحميل المعجم العربي بين يديك فها هو الرابط http://saaid.net/book/open.php?cat=126&book=11997

14. oum - hichem - December 11, 2014

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
أحتاج لتحاضير كتاب العربية بين يديك
جزاكم الله خيرا

15. Farhat - June 21, 2015

where can i find the books where is sub page sister?

16. zaibun nesaa - August 9, 2015

اخوة الايمان اريد منكم المساعدة في تحميل الكتاب العربية بين يديك

17. Arabic Live School - August 25, 2015

العربية بين يديك النسخة الجديدة 4 أجزاء

thuriayaa - August 25, 2015

السلام عليكم
بارك الله فيكم على هذه المشاركة، جزاكم الله خيرا على كل خير.

18. najmuddin - October 29, 2015

Hi all muslim brothers i have alot of problems in arabic language like in translating reading and writing and my bigest problem is in grammer can any body help me what shude i do?

19. Muslim - November 21, 2015

May Allah reward you for the effort! Is there any possibility that someone uploading a teacher’s books for this course?

thuriayaa - January 7, 2016

Teacher’s books are not online as far as I know.

RiDwan - July 31, 2016

Links for New edition (includes 4 volumes consisting on 8 books)
and for teacher’s book (کتاب المعلم)
for level 1-3 only

20. usman abubakar - October 13, 2016

masha Allah

21. abbas - January 27, 2017

pls send me a copy

Nasrin Akther - March 1, 2017
22. Badmos Adam - October 9, 2018

Jazaakumullahu khayr

23. Shukurulloh - March 24, 2020

Assalomu alaykum dear sister
We want to thank Allah and you for this wonderful website
May Allah bless you and your family
We make dua for you everyday
Thank you sooo much

24. Yasser Mahmoud - January 8, 2021

Salam anleykum

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