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1 – القراءة والكتابة والأناشيد

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1. زهراء العبساوي - January 30, 2012

جزاكم الله خيرا

2. أتينج روحيندي - December 5, 2012

أريد أن أملك هذا الكتاب, ولا ادري كيف أملك؟

3. ANMB - April 6, 2013

as salaamu ‘alaikum,

The Arabic text for this book displays incorrectly. What computer font should be used to view and print this properly, please?


4. jawed fazli - September 6, 2016

i am really happy that you serve muslims society with learning Arabic language

5. rawa - September 14, 2016

alsalam alakom
how can I buy these books I need 10 copies please .
anyone can help?
thank you

Nasrin Akther - March 1, 2017

walikum assalam: I am so sorry for so late response. No way to buy these books. I don’t know.

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