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Grade 5

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1. jessy erica medina - March 6, 2013

I cannot understand the writing. So I cannot read

2. amjad - April 18, 2014

هذا الكتاب رائع

3. Parvez Adam Shaikh - May 5, 2016

Dear Sir,

My son is in grade 5 studying in Indian school,in Dubai . since we are non Arabic speaking . it is difficult for student & parents to understand. and class tuition is not enough.and private tutor is not easily available.

Do you have any Grade 5 self study materiel like Arabic -English to that we can understand and explain to our child.

Since we are Indian Muslim we can ready but are Unaware of the meaning.

I Hope you can understand our concern , Your support in this matter will be highly appreciated.


Parvez Adam Shaikh
Dubai -UAE

Samar Saiid - March 23, 2017

hello , I can help you I am a native Arabic speaker , but I want to know something please .. doesn’t the school provide you a textbook?

4. richie - September 26, 2016

please do send your messages to khda authority so that they can implement some action on this side

Nasrin Akther - March 1, 2017


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