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Set 1 Book 5 إنها زهرة واحدة September 9, 2013

Posted by Nasrin Akther in Book 5: إنها زهرة واحدة, Learn Arabic.


1. thuriayaa - September 9, 2013
2. sundus - September 28, 2013

assalamualaikum wr wb
jazakillah u khair dear sister…u are a great help ! may allah bless u n help u too in return for helping us in need…iv joined an arabic course in my locality and these books are proving great in getting more in less time. they are good for my kids too.

thuriayaa - September 28, 2013

walikum assalam warahma tullahiwabaraka tuhu sis.

baraka Allahu feeki for your kind words and dua. may Allah accept for us and you. ameen.

i am very happy to know that you and your family find this videos useful. alhamdulillah.

Sis. i do not have audios with other books, so i don’t think i can upload their video with audio as these books. these books had audio embed in them, which i recorded and made into mp3 file, now i am using the book and the mp3 file to make these videos.

thanks sis. keep learning, you will get there.

3. sundus - September 28, 2013

can u upload the other books in the same manner, like the qasas al atfaal series,stories of mothers of believers, etc. i would be very grateful!

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