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Set 2 Book 1 حمودة و الببغاء الحبيسة December 23, 2013

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Inappropriate Book for Children: Set 1 Book 10 حمودة والمارد الصغير December 4, 2013

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This Book & its audio/video is inappropriate for children. https://bookstolearnarabic.wordpress.com/2013/10/12/set-1-book-10-حمودة-والمارد-الصغير/

Set 1 Book 10 حمودة والمارد الصغير  

This book is inappropriate for children due to the corrupt beliefs it could teach them, such as jinns live in pots and they have ability to do things. [ الشيخ حسام بن عبدالله الحسين:
القصة ليس فيها سحر، لكنها قد تجعل الطفل يعتقد بعض الاعتقادات الفاسدة كوجود الجن في الأواني وصحة مخاطبتهم وقدرتهم على تنفيذ الطلبات …إلخ
فالسلامة بالبعد عنها]

Shaykh Hussam is a Professor at the Department of Hadith in the University of Imam Muhammad ibn Saud University.

** I may delete this book and its audio/video later on.

Notice of Lost Blog: Thuriayaa.wordpress.com December 1, 2013

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Sadly my most active blog, home page blog, thuriayaa.wordpress.com has been taken down by wordpress.com due to my affiliated ads on it as they said. Thus, it is gone. I feel sad but alhamdulillah ‘ala kulli hal. I did not know their rules in this matter. 

So, i use this blog: http://sahehilm.blogspot.com instead now. 

Baraka Allahu feekum.