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In English: An-Nahw Al-Wadih – Part 1 January 4, 2014

Posted by Nasrin Akther in In English: An-Nahw Al-Wadih - Part 1, Learn Arabic.
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1. sundus - January 6, 2014

the arabic talking books videos that u uploaded were great n very helpful…i’ve been waiting sinc the last u uploaded for more…
but when i received this email , it gave me the impression that u r not working on that anymore…is that so? plz let me know when u’l resume uploading the videos of the remaining books in th set
jazakillah u khair

thuriayaa - January 7, 2014

Walikum assalam sis. InshaaAllah i will. Just busy. Sorry sis.

2. Hajara Ahmadu - April 25, 2014

salamu alaikum .This is a very good and interesting work. i just pray Allah rewards you. I will be very pleased to get the other parts.

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