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Arabic Learning BOoks & Story Books Zip Files July 7, 2014

Posted by Nasrin Akther in Arabic Learning BOoks ZIP Files, Story Books ZIP Files.
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Bismillah Assalamualikum, Because my 4shared.com account has been terminated, i have upload all story books zip files to my google drive and shared with the world. Please let me know, if you have trouble downloading any items.  Baraka Allahu feekum.

I’ve shared some items with you.
Folder Mutun – Arabic Islamic Audio Books
Folder Arabic Learning BOoks
I’ve shared some items with you.
Item Books 10. Pages 28. Saudi Kids Stories.zip
Item alarabiya byna yadayk.zip
Item Books 10. Pages 15. نساء في الإسلام .zip
Item Books 10. Pages 15. قصص المبشرون بالجنة.zip
Item Dr. V. AbdurRahim’s works.zip
Item Books 15. Pages 15. قصص الصحابة # ٢.zip
Item Books 36. Pages Vary. مشروع المنهل التعليمي .zip
Item alkitab alasasi egypt missing BOOK.zip
Item Books 50. Pages 8.12.16. ارنوب العجيب.zip
Item Books 20. Pages 17. قصص منوعة.zip
Item Books 16. Pages 8.12. قصص الحيوانات.zip
Item Books 3. Pages 17. مكارم الاخلاق.zip
Item Saudi School Books.zip
Item Books 8. Pages 16.24. نوادر وطرائف العرب.zip
Item Books 10. pages 17. لـــــــــــــــــــون.zip
Item Books 10. Pages 15. قصص الصحابة.zip
Item Palestine School Books 1-12.zip
Item Audio 25. جحا.zip
Item Ummul Qura’s Books.zip
Item Books 12. Pages 16. كان ياماكان.zip
Item Books 24. Pages 13.14.15. قصص علمية.zip
Item Books 98. Pages 16. جحا.zip
Item Books 50. Pages 16. قصص فكاهية.zip
Item Books 21. Pages 17. من نوادر أشعب.zip
Item Books 14. Pages 16.17.33. مغامرات كتاكيتو.zip
Item Books 42. Pages 8.12.16. دنيا الاطفال.zip
Item Books 40. Pages 8. قصتان فى قصة.zip
Item Books 12. Pages 9.13. الفنان الصغير.zip
Item Books 16. Pages 11.17.18. سلسلة حكايات.zip
Item Sahlawayhi series.zip
Item Books 13. Pages 17. مغامرات روبى و دوبى .zip
Item Books 55. Pages 16. قصص الانبياء.zip
Item Books 15. Pages 16. صحابة الرسول # ١.zip
Item Books 18. Pages 16. كليلة ودمنه.zip
Item Imam Ibn Saud Arabic Books.zip
Item Books 25. Pages 16. أسرار للصغار.zip
Item Books 42. Pages 16. سيرة النبي محمد.zip
Item Books 30. Pages 15. من أسماء الله الحسنى.zip
Item Dictionaries.zip
Item Books 12. Pages 9. هيا نحكى.zip
Item Fundamentals of Classcial ARabic Audio.zip
Item Madinah Arabic books.zip
Item Palestinian School.zip
Item Naho Wadih.zip
Item Syria Arabic Books.zip
Item Books 20. Pages 16. Wives of Prophet.zip


1. samhussain99 - July 7, 2014

Hi I am having problems accessing the files.

Umm Aasim

thuriayaa - July 9, 2014

The files r in public and anyone can download. I checked. Things r fine. Just make sure u know how to download from google drive system

2. Ayesha N.R. - July 7, 2014

As salaamu Alaikum,
Allah yubariku feek. MashaAllaah this is very nice and helpful.

Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2014 09:32:46 +0000
To: yaarahma@hotmail.com

thuriayaa - July 9, 2014

Walikum assalam sis.

3. sundus iqbal - July 7, 2014

Jazakillah u khair! u sure are a great person.may allah reward u…i ll look into these a.s.a.p

thuriayaa - July 9, 2014

Wayaki my sis. Alhamdulillah

4. Fatima - July 15, 2014

SubhanAllah!!!JazakAllahu khairan kaseeran for these files! It’s a big blessing to have access to these files! May Allah increase you in your Iman and reward you immensely!

5. sundus iqbal - July 31, 2014

again jazakillah! these are great resources for me n my kids i wanted to ask u…do u have kids? if yes, how do u teach thm arabic?

thuriayaa - August 4, 2014

wayaki sis. forgive me for late response. i am not qualified for kids yet but alhamdulillah i have a niece. she is turning 3 soon. SO, i play the stories, i downloaded a lot of apps that teaches vocabs, and i bought arabic english vocab books for her, she goes over everything as she pleases. lots of repetition is the key.

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