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لغتنا الجميلة

Please see the subpage for the books.

These the textbooks from the Palestinian School – I have for you in here Grade 1 to 10 Alhamdulillah.


1. remaa - November 1, 2010


2. Aysha Moosa - July 1, 2012

assalamu-alaykum. I have just stumbled on to this site and i am so excited about it. i think your series of books are amazing and i’m looking forward to studying all of them. Is it possible to ask for assistance if i run into expressions or words that i do not fully understand?
I must say that this service is invaluable, May Allah reward you.

thuriayaa - July 1, 2012

Waliki assalam sis. Yes. You can ask me.

If u join my multifly site is better as that is easier way to reply. I am there always unlike here.


cabdiraxman - September 20, 2019

that is exactly good idea my sister thank you

3. marwa - June 18, 2013

AL SALAM ALIKOM,I am able to access the Arabic Talking Stories, I am unable to get it with the Audio facility, is there any possibility of accessing the Audio to help with the reading

thuriayaa - June 18, 2013

walikum assalam, if you are using mac, you won’t hear the audios, but if you are using the PC, then just click on the text, audio will be heard.

Safi - December 5, 2013

Assalamu aliakum,

I’m on a PC and tried clicking on the text but no sound came out. Please help.

thuriayaa - December 5, 2013

Walikum assalam.

There is no sound in them. Thats why.

Muhammad - January 6, 2016

I tried but there is not audio 😦

thuriayaa - January 7, 2016

There is no audio for these books.

4. Aysha Moosa - June 24, 2013

I would like to buy the hard copies of the grade one talking stories. Are they available and if so, where would I be able to purchase them?

5. Yahya Rabiu Umar - October 14, 2013

salam, sincerely speaking I love Arabic language so much so, I m greatful to see such a book that will help me to learn the language of the Glorious Quran. so I wish you Allah’s help and guidance ameen. yours brother in Islam Yahya Rabiu Umar

6. Ali - January 24, 2015

Aslamu alakoom, how are you I love the books “لغتنا الجميلة” grade 1-10!
theres a class and I would like to know if you guys can sell me the books already ready! I would like to buy a book for each child!
Thank you!

7. Muhammad - January 6, 2016

This website is amazing i jumped in today and i love Arabic alot is there one who can help me In Arabic speaking.

thuriayaa - January 7, 2016

Brother you can search for teacher for that, male teacher inshaaAllah.

8. Susan - May 2, 2016

Asalam Alaikum! the books are amazing
But I don’t know how to use the audio. I want my students to listen to the stories not only read them.
Can you please help how I can use audio books.

9. Irshad Khan - April 21, 2020

I dont know who is the master of this page but I hav no words to thank u
May Allah give u the best here and hereafter

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